Welcome to our site Meulicats & Ocicats.

We are Dick and Mischa. We love Ocicats very much, that is the reason why we set up this website to inform you about our Ocicats and their friends.

Since 2002 we have been head over heals with the wonderful Ocicat. One year after we got acquainted with this breed our first two cats arrived: Spot and Twister. We liked the idea of having kittens, so two Ocigirls, Susy and Brandy, soon became part of our family. But one litter was not good enough; we enjoyed it all so much that breeding became our hobby. It was not long before our very own stud arrived from the US, Moirai Fireworks, whom we called Wizard, and this was the beginning of our cattery........

Our cats are tested for FeLV en FIV, HCM, PKD and PRA.

Enlarging the gene pool of the Ocicat breed. In 2009 we started a new Ocicat bloodline with our stud GIC GIP Meulicats Denzel and an Abygirl GIC Orchidee. F1 kittens are born 18-9-2009. F2 kittens are born 31-3-2011.

F3 kittens are born on 16-11-2012.

For further information you may contact us at our contact site.

More information you can read about the Ocicat at the websites De Ocicat Infosite and Ocicat Minded Workgroup.